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Purpose & Process
Existing Conditions Analysis

Appendix A
     Pilot Projects

Appendix B
     Landscape Trees

Appendix C
     Landscape Vegetation
Appendix A
Pilot Projects

Pilot Project 1

The major goals of completing Pilot Project 1 are to create an attractive entrance to the dock and lakeside trail while addressing soil erosion and lack of vegetation caused in part, by a large geese population. Recommended techniques include installing boulders at the shoreline to hinder goose access, replanting the understory of existing trees with small ornamental trees, shrubs, and groundcovers, and providing improved site lighting. Additionally, pedestrian amenities including a bench and trash receptacles are added, and general maintenance of existing trees performed.

Recommended new trees include natives such as River Birch and flowering Redbud. Bands of ornamental grasses, featuring natives such as switch grass, provide a naturalized water's edge and with the boulders, and discourage waterfowl from exiting the water over land. Masses of shrubs further create a barrier and also a backdrop, focusing views down the path, and additionally providing screening of the parking area when viewed from across the lake. Perennials and groundcovers provide seasonal flowering color at the walkway and limit open lawn areas used by geese.

Existing area for Pilot Project 1

Pilot Project 2

The major goals for Pilot Project 2 were to provide an opportunity to improve lakeside accessibility for residents while again limiting access to the shoreline by geese and the consequent vegetative loss and erosion. A new path will be created that provides an accessible, well-lit route to the lakeside trail from the end of Pinelake Court. The lakeside will also be modified with the addition of boulders to limit waterfowl egress, and planted with a mix of ornamental grasses (principally native ones) to further discourage geese.

As the site is largely shaded by mature trees. plantings will focus on the understroy with the addition of large shrubs, such as Oakleaf Hydrangea and Viburnum, and streamside natives such as Itea Virginica 'Henry's Garnet.' Groundcovers such as Rudbeckia (sun) and Chasmanthium (River Oats - shade) will provide color while creating a fully planted understory.

Existing area for Pilot Project 2