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Purpose & Process
Existing Conditions Analysis
     Vehicular System
     Storm Water
     Park Squares
     Site Furnishings

Appendix A
     Pilot Projects

Appendix B
     Landscape Trees

Appendix C
     Landscape Vegetation
Existing Conditions Analysis

Vehicular System

Three public streets run through the community, as well as private streets owned and maintained by the Pinewood Lake Homeowners Association. Some private streets end as cul du sacs at the lake edge while other streets connect and ring a series of small park squares. The park squares are surrounded by townhomes oriented toward the square. Townhomes have their own parking pads at their front to minimize on-street parking and to avoid the appearance of large lots concentrated with cars.

Most townhomes also have the design feature of a solid wood fence along each side of their parking pad. These fences shield the cars from view as one looks down the streets, reducing the appearance of a multitude of parked cars in front of the homes, but allowing the upper stories of the buildings to be seen.

On-street parking is provided in many areas of the community for visitors. The pool and community center also include a limited parking area of 96 spaces. Past studies of possible building and site renovation and expansion have determined that additional parking cannot be easily be accommodated. Currently the lot's storm runoff drains directly into the lake, without benefit of any water quality improvement measures, likely contributing to the lake's sediment load and degrading water quality.

Solid fences help hide cars parked in front of units. Where fences have been removed, views of cars are prominent.

Cars parking on sidewalks and trash cans left on walks make walking through the neighborhood difficult, and magnify the importance of the dedicated pedestrian trails.
Vehicluar network
Vehicular Network
Public roadways where approval for alterations of street furnishings, lighting, drainage, and configurations may involve more effort for approvals.