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Purpose & Process
Existing Conditions Analysis

Appendix A
     Pilot Projects

Appendix B
     Landscape Trees

Appendix C
     Landscape Vegetation

After consideration of the input received from the residents and the observations made, four overall goals for the community emerged.

■  Develop and promote a sustainable ecology
The residents feel connected to the unique setting their community offers with its small lake, natural beauty of the park squares and parkland, and trail system. Current planning concepts aim for sustainability in the landscape, using natural strategies that require less human intervention, and that use fewer resources.

■  Strengthen the community image
There are many physical enhancements that can be made to help distinguish Pinewood Lake from surrounding areas. Some of these visual cues have been implemented and are successful at differentiating the community from its neighbors. Future improvements can accomplish this, as well as demonstrate the community's values and assets to the outside.

The proper enhancements together that project a unifying image reinforce Pinewood Lake's values and can attract new residents with a similar appreciation for the amenities and community values.

■  Promote personal and property safety
Several factors can influence personal safety in public places as well as the perception of personal safety. Proper adequate night lighting, visibility in open public areas, and proximity to others can all have a positive effect on feeling safe. Places where intruders can easily hide are discouraged.

The same can be stated for property safety. When neighbors can watch out for neighbors, property crime is reduced. Visibility by residents from homes, cars, and public areas such as trails make property crime more difficult for the criminals.

■  Strengthen the sense of community in a diverse population
A feeling of belonging to a larger community is desirable and has benefits for Pinewood Lake. Residents staying connected to each other tend to be more active in community affairs. A sense of shared responsibility encourages residents to share their time and participation in its management. Instilling a feeling of collective pride generally leads to better individual property and community upkeep, leading to increased value and desirability. Creating a sense of community in a diverse population such as Pinewood Lake is more difficult that in one with a homogenous character. More opportunities should then be provided to encourage interaction among residents of the different age, gender, race, incomes that Pinewood Lake encompasses.